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Lost To Death Travelogue

Following a former anthropologist on her late-in-life journeys around the world. It’s like an open source view into practicing reflexivity. She’s thinking about how she fits into each place. It’s in the early stages, but should be fun to watch it unfold.

From the home page:

What’s with the name?

I was joking around with a colleague one night that it should be my epitaph (I believe I was telling a tale of getting lost after taking a different elevator at work).  After fits of giggles, we decided it had the potential to be something one day.  About a year and a half later, I decided this would be the thing.  I like the many connotations of “Lost to Death.”  

(1) I have no sense of direction, so it’s just a real possibility.  

(2) It can mean getting absorbed into, as in, I am now lost in the wonder that is my third act of life.  

(3) It conjures the “not all who wander are lost” from Tolkien (oh, yeah, I’m a nerd in several ways).  

(4) Finally, and literally, we all get lost to death eventually.  

I share my journey as one way to lose yourself in this era of your life instead of grinding away at a job you hate until you die (or are fortunate enough to retire).  It has a bit of everything.  I will try to organize it so you can skip to the parts relevant to your journey.  Welcome!  Now let’s get lost.

Project Duration:

Indefinite and ongoing