Goodbye to a friend and mentor

Just a post to say goodbye to the kindest and most generous dissertation advisor a person could want.

If you knew Brian through the UT community, I hope you will join us this Thursday, May 1st from 4-6 in the ART building courtyard to say goodbye and share memories.


The world is poorer without you in it.   I wish I could share these first years as a professor with you and gain even more wisdom from your advice as I travel this new path.  Thank you for getting me this far.  I will think of you often particularly when I am looking to share a chat over some good food.   I think you would be pleased to know I will teach the Anthropology of Food as well as a Mesoamerican Cultures class this coming year.  A part of you will be in each lecture.  Thank you.

Dr. Brian Stross

Dr. Brian Stross

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